Posted by: Sami Salmenkivi | May 18, 2009

Us Now – a radical collaboration documentary


If you’re following internet trends and the digital world, you know that mass collaboration can change the ways we create and run things. Think about Wikipedia, microloan services such as Zopa, or web-community managed football club Ebbfleet United at MyFootballClub.

The core principles behind these initiatives have sparked an idea of collaboratively run social organizations. Some of the most known marketing, collaboration, and crowdsourcing thinkers have been contributing to this new documentary that explores the idea further. 

Here’s the full 60min Us Now document:

UsNow site features all the material created during the filming.

Thinkers involved: Don Tapscott, Ed Miliband, William Heath, Martin Sticksl, Lee Bryant, Tom Steinberg, Charles Leadbeater, George Osborne, Saul Albert, Mikey Weinkove, Sunny Hundal, Sophia Parker, JP Rangaswami, Paul Miller, Becky Hogge, Matthew Taylor, MT Rainy, Giles Andrews, Clay Shirky, Paul Miller, Sane Kelly, Liam Daish.


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