Posted by: Sami Salmenkivi | January 27, 2009

VKontakte is more popular than Twitter or Flickr

Have you heard of the social media site VKontakte? It might be worth remembering though, since the site has gathered 26 million users faster than you can say Facebook-replica. 

It’s the most popular social networking site in Russia and Ukraine. The two year old site has already more registered members than such unknown social media sites as Flickr (23 million) and Twitter (6 million). 



  1. Pfft. I don’t see why people would care about this site.
    It’s just another rip-off.

  2. In China Facebook spells Xiaonei. I’ve understood that it has over 20 million Chinese users (about 100 times what Facebook has).

    And why should you care? Well, personally I am not an avid social networker (I am not even in Facebook!), but it is interesting to note that while the whole western world is jumping up and down because of one particular service, there are other major players out there too — maybe not in terms of originality, but certainly in number of users and profit.

  3. Firerocket: If you are marketing to Russia, like some of my readers in Finland certainly do, you might care.

    Kari: You are right Facebook only has about 200000 Chinese members, so Xiaonei has 100 times that.

  4. Watch out with that forehead, it might end up that way. Cautionary example here:🙂

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